jeudi 13 juin 2019

Best headphones for runners 2019 exclusive on Hixel

Headphones have changed so significantly in such a short time that it's altered how many of us run. Hitting the road without first having to untangle your buds is a convenience we didn’t have not so long ago. And thanks to improvements in Bluetooth connectivity and battery technology, wireless headphones can suit a runner’s needs, mile after mile

Choosing the Right Type

The term “wireless headphones” broadly refers to headphones and earbuds that do not connect to a music player by wire (obviously), but there are a few basic types. Truly wireless earbuds are the most compact; models such as the Apple AirPods and Jaybird Run have no wires connecting the two buds, although the convenience of packing all that tech into such tiny devices makes them the most expensive variety. More affordable options connect two earbuds with a wire, as seen in the JBL Reflect Mini 2, or a flexible band like you will find on HIXEL. Over-ear headphones are less popular for runners, due to their extra bulk, but models like the 66 Audio BTS Pro pull it off, and the larger package means outstanding battery life and unmatched sound quality.

Customizable Fit and Sound

Manufacturers realize that listening devices are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to fit and features. You can find ’phones with an adjustable tether, multiple earbud insert sizes, and customizable buds that mold into your ear.
    The sound quality of small drivers (the sound-creating component) has also improved, with crisper playback and bass options. Some headphones and earbuds come with noise-canceling and ambient sound settings so you can be safer outside on a run, or zone out at the gym, although the same can be accomplished with a snug earbud fit. Smaller drivers can struggle to deliver clean bass, which is why earbuds are often tuned bass-heavy—audiophiles might spend more on high-end earbuds or spring for an over-ear design.

Personalized Training

To further enhance your workout, some headphones can track distance, pace, and heart rate, and connect to fitness-tracking apps so you can monitor your progress. The KuaiFit Sport and LifeBeam Vi headphones have artificial intelligence coaching to keep you on track, and the Under Armour Sport gives you heart rate-based updates to help you monitor your effort as you listen.


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