mercredi 31 juillet 2019

EDIFIER W830BT Wireless Headset Review from hixel blog


    Hello Guys,
Today we are going to talk about the Edifier w830BT product from hixel store, this headphone is everything you need in one product. Comfort, unbelievable sound across the board and a 4-day dynamic battery life, you won’t find superior combination of headphones anyplace else. Interface with up to 2 gadgets in at the same time and NFC compatible in the left earcup so you can pair with your device with a single wave, android only though. The left earcup is also where the micro USB charging port is found and also the 3.5mm audio jack to help you if the headphone is running out of battery but you still want to enjoy some tunes, plugging in the audio jack to the headphone will automatically turn off it and work exclusively in “passive” mode. No impact on the overall user experience but just want to highlight some random quirk we found out.

            EDIFIER have the best comfort and sound quality headphones in the world. As is the case of W830BT headphone that have an earcups to give an additional laying on your head also the headphone deliver a lightweight ergonomic outline secured with faux leather, providing a comfortable fir throughout the day.
The headphone earcups are intended to turn 90 degrees or more to lay level and you can overlap in the earcups themselves to make them more minimal, that will make them fit inside a conveying case or them hard clamshell case that come with the headphone for protection when you travel,
The headband of W830BT headphone are incredibly solid made from the stainless steel that can deal with any measure of pressure put under it.


The headphone weight is 264 G, while the case alongside with two included cables weighs 474 G and dimensions  are 10.6 X 9.1 X 3.2 inches
The edifier W830BT comes in black and white colors, also we got a combination of black and brown colors make it look absolutely gorgeous.

 the overall design of the headphone is made out of higher quality plastic and its feel good to the touch, the surface of the plastic has small grains which makes light diffuse but its tiny to feel it with fingertips
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Upon wearing the headphone for the first time, you fell in love with its comfort. The foam is superbly comfortable and enjoyable to wear However due to the nature of PU leather that known by creating fantastic seal around the ears for noise isolation but it causes the temperature to rise there’s virtually no air circulation.
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