lundi 8 juillet 2019

Ausdom ANC7s Bluetooth Headphone Review

Hello again guys today we gonna discuss the stunning product ANC7S from ausdom company
This company is famous for its innovative product development in the audio section and the latest Ausdom ANC7 Bluetooth headphone is not an exception to their innovation, as it comes with active noise cancellation feature.
the company has done it best to offer this high performance and top value at an affordable price

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       Ausdom ANC7s Bluetooth Headphone Review
  • Design

ANC7 is designed in lightweight Carbon-fiber that is blended with custom-fit supra-aural soft earmuffs. The earmuffs are elegantly coated with artificial protein leather. The artificial protein leather is designed to simulate human skin texture, which helps in providing comfort for a longer duration
  • Performance
      Ausdom has tried its best to give the best performance in its latest version of ANC7. We found the active noise-cancellation to be extremely effective in zapping out ambient noises and it kept the customer distraction-free for longer than we knew was possible. It’s possible to use the noise-cancellation feature for up to 25 hours per battery charge
  • Connectivity and Battery:

       Ausdom ANC7 can be used both wired via 3.5 mm audio cable and premium Apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The advanced Bluetooth technology helps in streaming the music very fast to your headphones from your PC, smartphone, tablet & more with over a 33-foot wireless range.
         Finally, The Ausdom ANC7 bring out nothing but the best in music & it is a marvelous piece of technology. Not only it delivers a mind-blowing music every time when you use it, but also the ANC will make you stick to it. If you’re serious about the sound output and want to hear your favorite music and games in a new way, & if you just want the best set of noise-canceling headphones and that to everything below the price range of $50, then Ausdom ANC7 is for you
We hope to find what is best for you and if you have any comments leave it below.

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