mardi 6 août 2019

Anker Soundcore Life 2 Wireless Headphone Review


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it been a time since last review, before we start lets introduce the new and great headphone from anker company,The Anker SoundCore Life 2 are decent mixed usage wireless over-ears. They are noise cancelling, but their ANC feature is disappointing, especially for commuting. On the upside, they have a decent audio reproduction and are better suited for bass-heavy genres. They also have a bass boost effect that is easy to use but won't let you know on which setting you are. Their battery life is amazing and will last you around 28 hours.
Design:The Anker SoundCore Life 2 are well-designed headphones that are fairly similar to the Anker SoundCore Space NC. However, the Life 2 have a physical control scheme instead of a touch-sensitive one. They are very comfortable and the ear cup padding is plushy, While they are stable for sports, they are one of the least breathable headphones we’ve reviewed so far.

Style: The SoundCore Life 2 are decently good looking headphones but have a plasticky feel. They have dense cups and thick-looking hinges as well. Also, the headband and the cups are well-padded.

Comfort: The SoundCore Life 2 are comfortable and lightweight headphones. The padding on the ear cups is plushy and is very soft. That said, the cups may feel a bit small for bigger ears. The padding on the headband is also comfortable and distributes the weight of the headphones effectively.

Control: The SoundCore Life 2 have an easy to use control scheme and offers multiple common functionalities like play/pause, manage calls, track skipping, and volume control. On top of that, you also have a dedicated button for the noise cancelling feature. These headphones also have a bass boost that you can trigger by double tapping the middle button twice.

Built Quality: The SoundCore Life 2 are mostly made out of plastic, and their overall feel is slightly cheaper than the similarly designed SoundCore Space NC. The hinges feel plasticky and hollow, which could be a weak point of the overall build. On the upside, the headband is reinforced by a metal sheet and the padding used on the headphones isn’t stiff.

Performance and Features

There's an encouraging sense of familiarity as you begin to use the tactile buttons to pair the cans to your Bluetooth device of choice, adjust output volume and play/pause tracks. Anker has chosen to do away with the gestural controls of its earlier Soundcore Space NC's, and the decision to do so feels reassuring from the off.

Apart from the fact that gestural interfaces seem to divide headphone users, the touch/swipe setup for controlling volume and skipping tracks on the Space NC's just wasn't as responsive as can be found on more expensive cans like the Sony MDR-1000X, and it's the kind of feature that isn't worth the hassle unless you can get it spot on.

Sound-wise, the Life 2's aren't going to set your ears alight, and the output from the 40mm drivers certainly won't satisfy hardened audiophiles, but it does a creditable job of separating out most instruments as they hover around the mid- to high-range, and both indie and electronic music enjoy a wide soundstage with a good amount of detail. 

There's an impressive bass response in general that remains crisp at higher volumes, but if you just want to enjoy heavy unapologetic beats then a quick double-click of the play button enables "BassUp" mode, although distortion soon makes its entrance here as you ramp up the decibels.  
  • Pros 

Comfortable to wear for long periods
Excellent battery life
Decent sound output
Solid construction and controls
  • Cons 

Middle-of-the-road ANC
Non-replaceable battery
No companion app

How to Buy

The Anker Soundcore Life 2 headphones cost $61 and are available to order on our store.


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